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Turnkey Automation. Unmatched Service. Seamless Integration. 

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Cogent - Clear, logical, and convincing. These are standards we commit to for each client we service. 

Cogent Hex was established by the original six owners with a vision of combining our individual expertise to form a company that would provide uniquely creative solutions for our customers.


With over a century of automation experience in the aerospace and automotive industries, we excel in conceptualizing and implementing the best possible design fit for every degree of project complexity.

By allowing us to fully understand your company’s objectives, we can develop the perfect process solution, which in turn, will allow us to provide you with the most valuable commodity available; Time.


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Allied PhotoChemical

Cogent Hex is known for being a Complete Controls Company. In that spirit, we have established close working partnerships with local companies like Allied PhotoChemical which allows us to deliver exceptional Full Turn-Key Solutions under one umbrella. Utilizing local resources helps us maintain our commitment to “Timeline Integrity”

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